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Senior Operations Manager

I am pleased to let you know that we are promoting Graham Waghorn from Technical Manager to Senior Operations Manager with immediate effect. Many of you will already know Graham who has been with the Company since 2007 in a variety of roles and whose experience in our industry dates back to the earliest days of his career when he worked with his Dad, Jack Waghorn (Senior).
We are committed to developing Jack Waghorn International so that we provide the best lifting, installing and machine moving experience for our clients, in the UK and internationally.
Graham will manage the company’s operations and technical teams, using his extensive knowledge of heavy lifting and machine moving to maintain and develop the services we provide to clients.
Jack B Waghorn will not be returning to day to day operations although he remains a director and shareholder.
If you have any questions about how this will affect your relationship with Jack Waghorn International please don’t hesitate to call me on 07793 651372 or to call Graham on 07894 447004.

Sue Waghorn
Managing Director