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Pharmaceutical Vessels Installation

Installation of twelve large vessels to a new pharma facility for a vaccine process.

The project included delivering and installing twelve new vessels to a bunded area inside a new pharma facility for a vaccine process over a series of visits. The vessels were eight metres tall and two metres in diameter and were to be set up in pairs inside the bunded area. The inner vessel needed to be positioned with its centre line 4 meters from the bund wall so there would be very limited access when installing these.

As a result of the vessels being positioned in pairs within the building we had to work with the mechanical contractors to ensure minimal disruption to their works, which had to continue during the vessel installation to ensure program deadlines were met.

Fixed scaffolds were also in place to allow high level access and liaison with the scaffold contractors was essential to ensure the correct program of scaffold removal/erection to allow the ingress of the vessels.

The conventional installation method would have been to create roof openings on each visit and lower the vessels into position using a crane positioned outside the building. On review of the project and the site constraints we opted for the following method.

We had the vessels delivered on low loaders which we were able to drive into the building with the vessels loaded on them in a horizontal position. We then topped and tailed the vessels directly from the low loader using a Versa lift with a jib and a conventional fork truck to reorient into the vertical. The first inner vessel was then lifted over the bund wall using the Versa lift with jib attachment.

Once inside the bunded area the vessel was fitted with a steel frame specifically designed and manufactured to support the vessel and legs. This allowed the vessel to be skated into its final position without risk of damage to either the vessel or its legs. Once in position the vessel was lowered into position and the frame removed. Finally, the vessel was levelled and fixed into place.

This procedure was repeated for all the inner vessels and finally the front four were lowered into place using the Versa Lift with jib attachment.

JWI won this contract because of our innovative engineered solution to the problem of access to the bunded area, ability to fabricate the custom made rigs needed and our liaison with other contractors on site to ensure minimal disruption.

We were able to save our client the cost of multiple roof openings compromising the integrity of the roof and make significant cost savings by removing the need to use a large crane on each visit to lower the vessels through roof openings

Bouygues Reference
“I would like to extend my thanks to your organisation regarding the work that was undertaken at SHS International, Liverpool.

You were asked to install 4 pieces of process machinery, the largest being 8 tonne, 4m long and 2m wide onto a preformed steel framework located in clean rooms on the first floor of the facility. This entailed moving the machines from the ground floor, onto the first floor apron and then into their final position on the steelwork. This was not an easy task since the floors and walls were already finished with appropriate coverings that were at risk of being damaged, and the further fact that the apron was only rated for 0.5 tonne point loadings.

Since the overall project was governed by CDM regulations as well as local pharmaceutical working standards, it was a refreshing change to deal with a contracting organisation that not only appreciated the implications of the workings required but also had planned the work and produced the necessary documentation in a timely fashion to the site’s exacting standards.

The team undertaking the work were skilful and patient, which resulted in the equipment being safely installed without any damage to other materials or room finishes. As an added realised bonus, the work was completed ahead of schedule!

Process Engineer, Bouygues