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Yoghurt Processing Line Refurbishment

Our client conducted a detailed tender process to select suppliers to extract, load and transport a Hamba line machine to Grassau in Germany to the Original Equipment Manufacturer for refurbishment. The Hamba line machine measuring 10,000mm long x 1900mm wide x 2700mm high, weighing 16,000kg encompasses a chainless transport system for a yogurt tub filling line.

Pre-planning was crucial to avoid disruption to production during the 24hour plant operation. Project planning and coordination of plant and transport was essential as the move involved restricting internal access for a period whilst extracting the machine as well as closing an internal roadway to position two mobile cranes to load to transport.

The Project

The acceptance of our tender saw our Projects Team detailing the risk assessment, methodology, lift plans and time line for the required project.
Following close consultation with the Client’s Project Engineering Department the above methodology was accepted.

Our Team, the two Fork Lift Trucks and the two 40t SWL Mobile Cranes arrived on site at 7am on the day of the works. The Cranes were positioned and rigged in such a position as not to restrict the client’s deliveries and product movements around the site prior to loading the machine.

A 7T SWL electric forklift truck was positioned behind the machine as motive power to move the machine into the airlock. With millimeters to spare the machine was maneuvered with great precision to the exit point. The second forklift truck was attached to the front of the machine to move the machine up the exit ramp to the crane lift position.

The lift area was now cordoned off and all access temporarily blocked. JWI attached lifting steel sections to the machine base, rigged it to the cranes and hoisted to 2000mm above floor level. The transport was escorted in to the lift area and reversed under the load. The load was lowered, the secured cranes were derigged and all were escorted from site.

With a highly trained, experienced and skilled workforce, complemented by a team of project managers and specialists, JWI were able to offer a complete turnkey solution for this extremely demanding, time critical and complex project.