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Convoi BV – St Thomas’ Hospital – Medical Equipment Installation

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Project Scope – Medical Equipment Installation

To install and position new medical equipment (an MRI Scanner) to the 7th floor of St Thomas’ Hospital, London whilst avoiding any impact on the day to day operations at the hospital.


During extensive liaison with the MRI suppliers, Hospital Estates, Consulting Engineers, Architects and the Hospital Trust, JWI developed a solution that allowed the MRI scanner to be lifted from an internal courtyard that had previously been overlooked by others as a means of access.

The JWI project team supplied a scaffold deck to the 7th floor to receive the medical equipment. The deck was cantilevered over operational Operating Theatres and basement voids requiring close co-ordination with all parties.

The MRI was lifted to the 7th Floor using a City crane positioned within the adjacent courtyard. Positioning of the crane was critical due to the basement voids in the area again, requiring close co-ordination between JWI and the Hospital representatives.

JWI also supplied and installed a reinforcement system to the 5th and 6th floors to allow the safe passage of the MRI from the external scaffold its final location within the building.

Result and Client Benefits

As a result of JWI becoming involved with this project we were able to supply innovative solutions to their medical equipment installation problem that reduced the Client’s installation costs by 75%.

JWI were able to work closely with the Client and a large Client Representative Team to deliver an on-time, on-budget solution to the challenges presented by both the restricted access and other site constraints.

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