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High Tech Machinery Relocation

Removal of precision Milling machines to their new location   Moving High Tech Machines

Project Scope for High Tech Machinery Relocation

Our client conducted a detailed informal tender process to select suppliers to move its manufacturing and quality control equipment (including Milling Machines) for its high performance engines to a new purpose-built plant in a nearby location.  Pre-planning would be crucial to avoid disruption to production during the international motor racing season.  Coordination would be essential as the move would involve not only the end user and representatives of all the machinery manufacturers but also eight other sub-contractors working on the move ranging from civil engineers to computer technicians.

Relocation Solution

The acceptance of our tender saw the really detailed planning begin.  During a six month preparatory stage there were regular, sometimes weekly planning, coordination and health and safety meetings.  GANTT charts flew between the participants often changing on a day to day basis to ensure the technical aspects went to plan.

These technical aspects for us, as the lift and shift contractor included:

  • Coordination with manufacturers agents and engineers to decommission the equipment at the old sites and to lock the moving parts so as to avoid damage while they were being moved
  • Designing and supplying lifting rigs including EN8 steel bars to deal with the heavy loads involved (the rigs used on the original installation were mostly unavailable so replacement fell to us)
  • Avoiding any of the delicate precision equipment getting wet or even damp, while conducting the move over a typical British 6 month period
  • Ensuring there was no damage to the equipment from vibration during the move including using air ride suspension transporters
  • Being aware of cost where possible so having our own trained personnel use the client’s in situ crane to position lighter equipment up to 16 tons (and using lifting bars from the original installation where available) after arranging up to date certification
  • Plating the flooring in the new building to ensure preformed voids could be skated over as we moved equipment in to its designated new positions.

Result and Client Benefits

All this was carried out in the knowledge that the machines had to work first time to their correct tolerances once they were started up.  And they did.

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