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Offload & Positioning of our client’s “offsite modular solutions”


The project involved loading our client’s “offsite modular solutions” inside the client’s factory and transporting, offloading and positioning them on site at their final destination.

Each module was 9m x 4m x 4m weighing in at approximately 17,000kg. There were 54 modules in total and they are being moved in phases of 18.We had to plan carefully because we were using a mobile crane inside the client’s factory where the roof height was limited. We arranged to carry out the lifts taking advantage of the apex of the roof where the clearance was the greatest.

At the receiving end, access also needed careful planning because there was a steel mezzanine deck above most of the available space. Not only did this restrict the headroom but the space between the deck’s supporting posts in some places was narrower than the module, so planning the route and checking for obstructions was of critical importance.

The first phase was completed successfully with the next phase of a further 18 modules due to start this month.