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LV Panel Positioning using a Lower Load

Our client needed to position 3 LV panels within a switch room. In order to do this, we had to pass through a door which was too low for them to fit through.

Shown here JWI used our custom made, 2T safe working load lower load to move the panels from vertical to horizontal in order to allow us to overcome the door restrictions and locate the panels into their final position.

Our method saved time and cost in erecting an A-Frame gantry and allowed us to achieve the clients goal in a safe working manner.


Relocation & Refurbishment of a milling centre

Our client approached us to assist with the relocation and refurbishment of a milling centre using 2 Versa Lifts to load, transport and position the column. Due to the modular design and size of the column being installed, JWI topped and tailed it using a 40/60 & 60/80 Versa to allow it to be transported to its place in the new building.

JWI organised transport, lift plans and RAMS to BS7121 standards. The entire project was achieved on time and within budget due to thorough planning and co-ordination with the client.


Unload and postion of new machine centre

We recently carried put the unloading and positioning of a new machine centre for our client. This was done using a 40/60 Versa Lift with adjustable spreader beam.

Due to great planning between our Technical Managers and the client, the project was delivered on time and within budget.

Another happy client for JWI.


Our latest Data Centre project in Germany

We have just completed our latest Data Centre project in Frankfurt for the WBS Group which was planned and implemented quickly, safely and on time.

WBS approached JWI to arrange the offloading and installation of Excool EIC units at a new data centre in Frankfurt. The client needed us to deal with tight access conditions, the existence of a water tank underground meant the crane could not be positioned in the ideal, closest location to the installation position. They needed us to make an opening by removing the building façade and replace it as well as designing the lifting method and positioning the units in what were very restricted final positions.

JWI turned everything round in a month, making a site visit to Frankfurt after which we were able to save the client money by designing a specialist lifting frame (also made by our workshop within that same month) which meant that they did not need to build scaffolds at two different openings into the building. Using our existing German contacts we organised other specialist equipment in Germany as well as bringing the lifting frame and other equipment out from the UK.

This picture shows our team using tracking plate to spread the load while skating across the open grating floor.

Darren Penny, Senior Project Manager, at WBS said “We were delighted with JWI’s safe working approach, their speed of response, their ability to think outside the box and save us money, such as with the lifting frame they designed specially to fit the EIC units. These installations had a number of complex features, the restricted access, tight working conditions, need to coordinate with other trades on site and JWI fulfilled all our needs and more. We will be delighted to be working with JWI again on future stages of our Frankfurt data centre projects and elsewhere.


Senior Operations Manager

I am pleased to let you know that we are promoting Graham Waghorn from Technical Manager to Senior Operations Manager with immediate effect. Many of you will already know Graham who has been with the Company since 2007 in a variety of roles and whose experience in our industry dates back to the earliest days of his career when he worked with his Dad, Jack Waghorn (Senior).
We are committed to developing Jack Waghorn International so that we provide the best lifting, installing and machine moving experience for our clients, in the UK and internationally.
Graham will manage the company’s operations and technical teams, using his extensive knowledge of heavy lifting and machine moving to maintain and develop the services we provide to clients.
Jack B Waghorn will not be returning to day to day operations although he remains a director and shareholder.
If you have any questions about how this will affect your relationship with Jack Waghorn International please don’t hesitate to call me on 07793 651372 or to call Graham on 07894 447004.

Sue Waghorn
Managing Director